As of january 1, 2014 TechConnect has partnered with Ziggo Business for support and connections of Business customers in the south of the Netherlands, Limburg.

The network of Ziggo exists of Fiber for 98% across the Netherlands, until about 300 meters at the customers door. With that fact Ziggo has the largest fiber network in the Netherlands with a speed of upto 3-4 Gbit/s. With this future proof network we Ziggo and TechConnect offer all kinds of services related to Internet, TV and Telephony, now and in the future.

The business versions of Ziggo products like Connect ZZP and MKB, the all in one packages will help you and your company connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The global cable and fiber network provides fast and flexible access to the newest communication technology, internet and telephony. And that for extremely interesting prices.

Apart from that we offer excellent service and guarantee 99,9 percent availability of services, thanks to 24/7 monitoring.Ziggo Zakelijk

At the moment we offer multiple connection options together with Ziggo Business, with a local ‘Limburgs’ edge. For more information and to order any of these services you may visit our Ziggo Business access page.