Ubiquiti heeft zojuist versie 2.8.35 uitgebracht van UniFi Protect, het camera systeem.

Met oa ondersteuning voor de nieuwere G5 Enhancer module, verbeterde afspeelmogelijkheden en bug fixes.

Deze update wordt automatisch geinstalleerd, de volledige Engelse changelog:


  • Added notification for G5 enhancer installation.
  • Optimized G5 enhancer installation UX.
  • Improved playback and mp4 export start time selection.
  • Enhanced the remote connection stability between the console and the user.
  • ​​Updated Viewport firmware to version 1.2.77.
  • Updated Sensor firmware to version 1.2.0.
  • Updated Camera firmware version to v4.64.150.
  • Updated Floodlight firmware version to v1.11.0.
  • [UP-Sense] Improved the accuracy of battery percentage.
  • [UP-Sense] Optimized Bluetooth connection stability.
  • [G4-PTZ] Improved auto-tracking performance.
  • [G5-Pro] Fixed delays for Smart Detection notifications.
  • [G5-Bullet] Improved night mode image quality.
  • [G5-Series] Improved ethernet driver stability.

Stackable UNVR

  • Improved NVR stacking stability.
  • Fixed unable to reset the secondary NVR when resetting the primary


  • Fixed the setting problem of the device side panel due to wrong permissions issues.
  • Fixed users with Full Management permissions could not see the Delete button on the Detections page.
  • Fixed unable to play detection-only mode recordings in rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where backups did not restore global settings.
  • Fixed wrong system log message when lens got unplugged or re-plugged.
  • Fixed View Only users were unable to view Chime Settings.
  • Fixed duplicated permissions after custom role migration.
  • Fixed notifications are triggering outside of custom schedules.
  • Fixed incorrect Camera Capacity calculation on the Dashboard.
  • Fixed the cursor type when the user hovers over the disabled mute button.
  • [Viewport] Fixed unable to show the live feed from G2-Bullet cameras.
  • [Viewport] Fixed full white screen when selecting a different live view.
  • [G4-PTZ] Fixed new presets did not appear immediately in the preset list.
  • [G4-PTZ] Fixed unable to add presets via keyboard after deleting one from the G4-PTZ.
  • [G4-PTZ] Fixed incorrect keyboard control behavior after removing presets.
  • [UP-Sense] Fixed notifications outside of Safe Zones.

Known issues

  • Sharing live streams does not work when using a browser on an iOS mobile device.
  • You cannot receive notifications from Child Consoles.
  • You cannot pair devices if they aren’t managed by the same console in a stacked configuration.
  • You cannot transfer cameras between consoles if they are on different subnets in a stacked configuration.
  • Custom role permissions don’t sync after transferring cameras between consoles in a stacked configuration
  • [AI DSLR] License Plate Recognition doesn’t work properly.
  • [G5 Flex/Bullet/Dome] You may experience a purple line on the edge of the screen. Please let us know when you experience this issue. Rebooting the camera should help as a workaround.
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