Na de flinke upgrade van 1.x naar 2.4 een aantal weken geleden is het nu tijd voor de volgende stap. Versie 2.5.17 brengt de UniFi Dream Machines (UDM en Pro) naar 2.5 met een aantal mooie verbeteringen waaronder Load balancing en het klaar maken voor de 3.x upgrade over een aantal weken, waarmee de oudere UDM en UDM Pro eindelijk op dezelfde versie worden gebracht als de nieuwere UDM SE en UDR.


New Features

  • Added Load Balancing support.
  • Added support for wirelessly adopting a U6+/U6 LR+.
  • Added email validation for UI account creation during setup.

Stability and Performance

  • Improved stability for PPPoE connections.
  • Improved stability for IPsec Site-to-Site VPNs.
  • Improved speedtest stability.
  • Improved Remote Access connection stability.
  • Improved compatibility with the UACC-CM-RJ45-MG module.
  • Block power-off and reboot actions when applications are updating or installing.
  • Auto update all applications if auto update is enabled for applications.
  • Backup restore will skip restoring the backup schedule if remote access is disabled.
  • Limit restoring local backups only from the same console model.
  • Added memory limits for the Network application.
  • Improved DPI performance.
  • Auto-detect link speed for SFP+ ports.


  • Provide previous subnet information when detecting existing subnet during setup.
  • Added Hard Drive Issues notifications to UniFi OS.
  • Added visual icons for UID and Connect during backup restore.
  • Improved UX when installing and updating applications.


  • Updated integrated Access Point firmware to 6.2.36.
  • Updated Suricata to 6.0.5.


  • Fixed unable to establish Site-to-Site VPNs using DH groups 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32.
  • Fixed the wrong Config Backup list after a console owner transfer.
  • Fixed inaccurate timezone converting causing schedule issues for Scheduled Traffic Rules.
  • Fixed Bluetooth disconnecting when setting up MAC Address Clone with the Mobile app.
  • Fixed log rotation for firewall logs.
  • Fixed remote syslog not working since 2.4.x.


  • Fixed showing false “Insert Network Cable” screen on LCM when only using WAN2 (SFP+).
  • Fixed gateway configuration error when using Jumbo Frames and having Port 9 set to LAN.
  • Fixed showing incorrect WAN IP in the UniFi OS settings after remapping WAN ports.
  • Fixed incorrect IP address in UniFi OS when using PPPoE.
  • Fixed rare kernel crashes when setting the SFP+ port to a fixed speed.

Additional information

  • You must be on 2.4.27 or newer in order to update to this version, DO NOT update from 1.12.x to 2.5.x or newer.
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