Een tijdje geleden hadden we het nog over de update van 1.x naar 2.x voor de Dream Machine en Dream Machine Pro. Inmiddels heeft Ubiquiti nu versie 3.0 uitgebracht voor deze consoles.

Versie 3.0 brengt het besturingssysteem van de Dream Machines gelijk aan de Dream Router, Dream Machine SE en UXG Pro/CK2;

  • VPN Client routing
  • Wireguard VPN server ondersteuning
  • Ad Blocking
  • Verbeterde stabiliteit, snelheid en meer

De update zal de komende dagen automatisch worden geinstalleerd.

De volledige lijst met updates vind je (in het Engels hieronder):


  • Redesigned UniFi OS Application page.
  • Added Ad Blocking feature.
  • Added Admin Activity to System Log in UniFi OS.
  • Added Storage events to System Log in UniFi OS.
  • Added Cloud connection events to System Log in UniFi OS.
  • Added Trigger logs in the Network Application.
  • Added support for DHCP Client option 77 and 90.
  • Upgraded Debian distribution to Bullseye.
  • Upgraded NodeJS to 16.14.2.
  • Upgraded PostgreSQL to 14.5-1.
  • Updated password rules for local accounts.
  • At least 12 characters.
  • Allow having a space.
  • Only allow strong strength-level passwords.
  • Updated Traffic Identification Signatures.
  • Updated GeoIP Database.
  • Updated bundled Suricata configuration for Threat Management.
  • Improved PPPoE Connection stability when IP6CP negotiation fails.
  • Improved mechanism for detecting disk insert and remove event.
  • Improved connection stability between console and Network application.
  • Improved performance when checking for firmware and application updates.
  • Improved stability for direct connection.
  • Improved disk formatting flow for when the console is reset with disk inserted.
  • Improved email and push notification stability.
  • Auto-update all installed applications including non-setup applications when auto-update for applications is enabled.
  • Application actions during console boot-up are now disabled until boot-up is finished.
  • Check for application updates immediately after switching the Release channel.
  • Persist console invitation after a console reboot.
  • Decreased the amount of DNS traffic to the bare minimum via U-LTE when it is not active.
  • Optimized DNS Filtering events to prevent spamming and CPU Consumption.
  • Changed the menu title to uppercase on the touchscreen.
  • Changed the splash screen title to “Starting” on the touchscreen.
  • Show ISP name in Internet-related error screens.
  • Updated UI logo on screen/touchscreen.
  • Updated UNC count threshold to 5 for disk-at-risk warnings.
  • Updated the integrated Access Point firmware to 6.5.30.


  • Added WireGuard VPN Server support.
  • Added VPN Client routing.
  • Added support for OpenVPN tunnel in Traffic Routes.
  • Added OpenVPN tunnel in Traffic Rules.
  • Allow adding multiple VPN Clients.
  • Report OpenVPN Site-to-Site VPN events to the Network application.
  • Improved IPsec Site-to-Site VPN stability.


  • Improved UX for Config Backup Restore during setup.
  • Improved UniFi OS backup restore resiliency.
  • Correctly re-enable the application to match the backup state after the backup restore.
  • Disable applications accordingly to match the state in the backup file after restoration.


  • Improved landing page during setup.
  • Improved UX for creating UI account during setup.
  • Show the WAN MAC address in the “No Internet Detected” screen, during initial setup.
  • Disconnect all SSH sessions after setup.


  • Fixed link issue when using the UF-RJ45-1G module.
  • Fixed scheduled traffic rule issues related to DST.
  • Fixed incorrect application installation status detection in UniFi OS.
  • Fixed timezone validation for some cities (e.g. Kiev <=> Kyiv).
  • Fixed incorrect “Power on Hours” value for some disk models.
  • Fixed issue modifying existing domain-based traffic rule.
  • Fixed the LTE WAN failover state not showing correctly on the Network application.
  • Fixed WAN1 not failing over in the event of packet loss.
  • Fixed not removing some configurations when removing a U-LTE device.
  • Fixed stopped applications starting up automatically after a disk reform or re-plug during runtime.
  • Fixed rare UniFi OS Crash when disabling applications.
  • Fixed allow-list for Ad blocking, requires Network application 7.4 or newer.
  • Fixed issue related to IGMP Snooping.
  • Fixed a rare kernel crash when setting an SFP+ port to a fixed speed.
  • Fixed connection issues with some GPON modules.
  • Enable/Disable the application after updating it to match your preference.
  • Avoid repeated application update notifications for the same version.


  • Fixed L2TP VPN clients not showing correctly in certain cases.
  • Fixed corrupted IPsec Site-to-Site VPN rx/tx counters when the number reaches to 2Gb.


  • Fixed the “Restore Console with a Backup File” page during setup when there is a large number of backups.
  • Restore auto-update settings after restoring UniFi OS backup.