Vandaag hebben wij onze servers up to date gebracht met de nieuwste UniFi Network controller versie 7.4.156.

De nieuwste 7.4 versie heeft oa ondersteuning voor OpenVPN server, Nieuwe switch poort profiel manager en IGMP Proxy ondersteuning voor IPTV.

De volledige changelog (Engels):


  • Added multi-language support.
  • Added support for IPTV through IGMP Proxy (requires UXG or a UniFi Gateway Console).
  • Added DHCP IP leases overview in Network Settings (requires UniFi Console with UniFi OS 3.1+).
  • Added hover over network names.
  • Added Virtual Network Management to the Topology section (requires UDM-Pro or UDM-SE with UniFi OS 3.1+).
  • This allows moving clients to different Virtual Networks without the need of putting them on a different WiFi network or by tagging VLANs on ports.
  • Improved Port Profiles and Manager UX.
  • Improved WiFiMan speed tests section UX.
  • Improved Traffic Identification UX.
  • Improved Release Notes display UX.
  • Improved Network settings UX.
  • Improved Gateway/Subnet validation.
  • Improved inform URL pasting into the Override Inform Host field.
  • Traffic Map UX update (requires UniFi Console with UniFi OS 3.0+).
  • Navigate to IP groups on successful group creation from other pages.
  • Radius Profile is now automatically set to Default when enabling 802.1X.
  • Updated the Display Options button.
  • Removed LED/LCM settings if UniFi Console is running UniFi OS 3.1 or newer (moved to Console Settings).
  • Removed the Speed Test option for setups with USG.
  • Speed test results were inaccurate due to hardware limitations.
  • We recommend to use the WiFiman app for speed tests instead.
  • Traffic Map UX update (requires UniFi Console with UniFi OS 3.0+).

Port Manager

  • Added an option to Select Allow or Block when restricting networks in the Port Manager.
  • This allows specifying a Virtual network on each port directly without the need for a Port Profile.
  • Allowed networks fields are transformed into Restricted networks.
  • Allows PoE settings to be available even when a port is set to disabled.
  • Removed all default Port Profiles.

Clients and Devices

  • Added an option to move adopted devices to different sites.
  • Added actionable feedback if a device is using a fallback IP.
  • Added last used IP address for offline Clients (requires UniFi Console with UniFi OS 3.1+).
  • Added a Group By Application toggle in the Display Options on the Devices page.
  • Allow searching clients by Fixed IP.
  • Improved Client side panel UX.
  • Improved Devices page UX.
  • Improved UniFi device update resiliency by adding a DNS fallback.
  • Reserved the DHCP lease which is used as the UniFi devices fallback address.
  • If you’re using this IP as a Fixed IP for a client, then assign a different address to the client.
  • Updated the Connection Column on the clients and devices page.
  • Prevent removing a device when the device is busy.


  • Added System log for TX/RX errors on ports.
  • Added notifications for device update failures.
  • Improved email notification UX.
  • Notification settings are now configurable per user.


  • Added DHCP CoS setting to Internet settings (requires UniFi Console with UniFi OS 3.0+).
  • Improved Internet Health side panel UX.
  • Migrated echo server to


  • Added Connectivity section under WiFi Insights.
  • Added notice for AP with lower link speeds.
  • Added a warning for APs that have too many Wireless Mesh downlinks.
  • Added a warning when configuring a DFS channel.
  • Added a warning when changing 2.4GHz channels to any that are not 1/6/11.
  • Added optimized performance to the WiFi performance section.
  • Added Meshing warning for APs with AC power.
  • Improved WiFi settings UX.
  • Improved DFS radar-detected notification.
  • Improved validation for selecting incorrect radio channels and channel widths.
  • Removed UNII-3 channels from Nightly Channel Optimization in European countries.
  • Hide WiFi 6E radio if the country does not allow using it.

Hotspot and Guests

  • Added an option to disable the Guest Portal landing page.
  • Added Payment Package preview in Hotspot Portal settings.
  • Improved UX for Guest Hotspot.
  • Automatically select open security protocol when using Hotspot Portal in WiFi settings.
  • Removed all Payment methods except Stripe for Hotspot Portal.


  • Added OpenVPN server support (requires UXG or a UniFi Gateway Console).
  • Added UXG-Pro Teleport VPN support on the Default site (requires UniFi Console with UniFi OS 2.4+)
  • Support for other sites will be available in a future release.
  • Improved Subnet/Gateway validation for all VPN protocols.
  • If Teleport VPN is disabled the used subnet is now released and can be used on other networks.
  • Removed insecure IPsec 3DES encryption on UniFi OS Gateways.

Application Firewall

  • Added support for IPv6 in Domain Traffic Rules.
  • Added functionality to Traffic Rules for allowing domains blocked by Ad Blocking.
  • Improved Application Firewall settings.
  • Improved Honeypot IP validation.
  • Removed Honeypot configurations from setups that have a USG (this caused configuration issues).


  • Fixed gateway configuration error when assigning an Ethernet port profile with unsupported link speed.
  • Fixed invalid validation errors for Auto Scale Network.
  • Fixed spam in Trigger Logs caused by broadcast traffic.
  • Fixed gateway being re-provisioned every 10 minutes when Talk is configured.
  • Fixed loading System Logs in some rare cases.
  • Fixed expired certificate used for WiFiman on UniFi Consoles.
  • Fixed Auto-Scale Network being enabled when configured to be disabled on a new network.
  • Fixed the Direct Remote Connection feature was showing as unsupported in some cases.
  • Fixed unable to save Firewall settings in rare cases.
  • Fixed unable to load Security Detection logs in rare cases.
  • Fixed unable to reach Guest Portal when connected to an AP.
  • Fixed link speed validation not working on InWall AP ports.
  • Fixed false positive “RADIUS authentication took more than 10 seconds” log messages.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed configuring IPv6 settings for L3 networks.
  • Fixed an issue where the action shows as “Unknown” for one Guest firewall rule.
  • Fixed unable to configure Port Groups in firewall rules when it should be allowed.
  • Fixed provisioning invalid blocked client list to gateways.
  • Fixed USW-Flex-XG/USW-Enteprise-8-PoE might show disconnected during adoption/upgrading.
  • Fixed unable to configure Interface Blocker.


  • Fixed OpenVPN Client not working properly when there IPv6 is enabled on the WAN.
  • Fixed unnecessary VPN Server name truncating.


  • Fixed missing WAN IP addresses in the Internet/VPN settings.
  • Fixed VLAN Only network not working on WAN2 when it’s remapped as a LAN port.
  • Fixed gateway configuration error when configuring a disabled port as WAN(with VLAN) during port remapping.

Clients and Devices

  • Fixed unable to load the Devices page in rare cases.
  • Fixed inconsistent All Time Internet Activity in the Insights section of the Client side panel.
  • Fixed VLAN IDs are not correctly reported for clients.