UniFi Protect 2.9.33 verbetert video streams en voegt ondersteuning voor kenteken platen toe aan de zoekgeschiedenis bij G5 of AI camera’s. Daarnaast is er in deze versie nieuwe notificatie en globale video instellingen toegevoegd aan de opname instellingen.

Volledige beschrijving (Engels):

License Plate Recognition Search

Easily locate all prior recordings of a specific vehicle captured by AI-series cameras by searching for its license plate number on the Detections page.

UniFi Access Integration

When UniFi Access and UniFi Protect are running on the same console, you can now pair a Protect camera to an Access Hub, enabling Door Access events to be shown in both Detections and Timeline view, including the name of the user who opened the door (if available).


  • Added new Notification settings under System Logs.
  • Added support for the door access detection event in the Detection page and playback timeline. (depends on Access integration)
  • Added the most active camera section in the Dashboard.
  • Added support for multiple thumbnails for detection.
  • Added support for LPR search on the detection page.
  • Added more layouts to Live View.
  • Added support for line crossing count in Live View.
  • Added Removed status in the display options within the detection page.
  • Added Max Sound Intensity in the Dashboard page.
  • Added device adoption instructions in the Devices list.
  • Added device factory reset instructions in the Devices Property panel.
  • Added messaging when more disks are required.
  • Added support for updating device firmware outside of bundled upgrades.
  • Added the ability to export clips from the Package Camera on the detections page.
  • Added support exit/entry information for door access events.
  • Added global recording mode changes to system logs.
  • Added information with instructions when a wireless camera is removed.
  • Added notification section to the UP-Sense device property panel.
  • Added notification section to the Floodlight device property panel.
  • Added support for disconnection System Logs for non-camera devices.
  • Improved validation for schedule and geolocation notifications.
  • Improved missing or delayed Doorbell ring notifications.
  • Improved system logs for “Global Recording Settings” changes.
  • Improved resolution messaging for wireless/wired cameras.
  • Improved schedule selected time validation.
  • Improved UX responsiveness of Push Notification Settings.
  • Improved visible thumbnail when opening an event and while the video is loading.
  • Improved the UX in the Detections page.
  • Improved the loading speed of thumbnails.
  • Improved messaging across the application.
  • Improved application stability.
  • Updated LiveView/Detection Player Header style.
  • Updated previewing schedule on the camera side panel.
  • Updated the bitrates for image quality as absolute value instead of percent.
  • Updated pagination mechanism for detections page.
  • Updated the product name from ‘ViewPort’ to ‘Viewport’.
  • Updated Global Recording Settings and improved the UX.


  • Updated Viewport firmware to 1.3.118.
  • Updated Camera firmware to 4.66.11.
  • Updated Chime PoE firmware to 1.4.5.
  • Updated Chime firmware to 1.4.6.
  • Updated Floodlight firmware to 1.11.2.


  • Fixed an issue where users could see “Storage Not Found” messages during initialization.
  • Fixed an issue where users could configure invalid Sensitivity settings.
  • Disable the Download & Delete button if the storage is corrupted on the Playback page.
  • Fixed the issue where person and vehicle events were not supported in the Graph View.
  • Fixed an issue where users saw the ability to download the non-recorded video footage.
  • Fix incorrect event display on Timelapse.
  • Fixed an issue where UP-Sense would stop reporting humidity values.
  • Fixed the inability to set the device’s name during adoption.
  • Fixed some package detection clips that cannot be played.
  • Fixed incorrect start time for detections.
  • Fixed the camera capacity, which should not be affected by permissions.
  • Fixed audio information should only be available on the dashboard when cameras are recording.
  • Fixed rare application crashes.
  • Fixed incorrect camera messaging in System Logs when cameras updated.
  • Fixed incorrect usernames for admin/user activity in system logs.
  • Fixed incorrect usernames for deactivated admins/users in system logs.
  • Fixed wrong Ethernet status on UP-Chime-POE while online.
  • Fixed incorrect recording retention duration when the retention setting was changed from Auto to Custom.
  • Fixed available recording options when UNVR doesn’t have an HDD.
  • Fixed issues with saving retention settings.
  • Fixed issue, when thumbnails appeared stuck in loading.
  • Fixed button titles in the zone editor.
  • Fixed an issue with removing detections when removing a camera.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dewarp option isn’t showing for the AI-360 on the LiveView page.
  • Fixed an issue where the application couldn’t auto-recover properly.
  • Fixed a rare issue where old recordings might get lost after a restart.
  • Fixed the inability to export long clips in rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Smart Detection events are still recorded while disabled.

Additional information

This version requires you to have UniFi OS version 3.0 or newer.