Ubiquiti heeft zojuist een grote update uitgebracht voor de UniFi Dream Machine (Pro) hardware.
Versie 1.8.3 bevat een hoop verbeteringen, migratie voor de UDM Base, IPS Suricata updates, UniFi Protect 1.16.8 en de nieuwe 6.0.41 controller.

De volledige lijst met updates vind je hieronder. Deze word zeer aanbevolen voor iedereen die gebruik maakt van een Dream Machine (Pro).


  • General setup and stability improvements.
  • Add confirmation modal for “Forget Device” in Unifi Portal.
  • Consider dropbear message priority before forwarding to syslog server.
  • Remove option to separate 5GHz and 2GHz during UDM-Base setup.
  • Improve UDM-Base migration.
  • Improve Cloud connection handling.
  • Improve compatibility with 1G SFP modules which don’t report ‘Ethernet Compliance Code’.
  • Improve compatibility with VSOL 1G SFP GPON (it doesn’t support sequential reading).
  • Improve device setup notifications.
  • Improve IPv6 support.
  • Improve UI.
  • Update Suricata IPS to v4.1.8.
  • Show screensaver animation after screen timeout (timeout is set in Web UI settings).
  • Decrease memory consumption on UDM-Base/UDM-Pro.


  • Fix auto-negotiation settings to improve linkup.
  • Fix issue with WAN port not receiving packets after toggling its link state.
  • Fix PHY initialization sequence for the Switch.
  • Fix minor memory leak in ACL.
  • Fix issue preventing to disable “Remote access” for some users.
  • Fix issue where Unifi Portal hangs after being left open for an extended period of time.
  • Fix additional Unifi Portal bugs.
  • Fix incorrect txpower for 2G for UDM-Base.
  • Fix drop out on WAN port for UDM-Base.
  • Fix “Could not resolve empty ip” log spam.
  • Fix disabling “Remote access” toggle not working.
  • Fix setup issues.
  • Fix reboot functionality of reset button with short press.
  • Fix to remove updating overlay when firmware update fails.
  • Fix cloud email notifications for Network.
  • Fix high memory usage for Protect livestreams over remote connections.
  • Fix spam from syslogd_wrapper during enabling / disabling remote logging.
  • Fix setup type (web | Android | iOS) not always detected by LCM.
  • Fix connectivity issue with MyQ devices.
  • Don’t transform hostnames to lowercase.
  • Prevent getting invalid module info using ethtool.

De update zal automatisch worden geinstalleerd voor iedereen in de komende paar dagen. Wil je em nu al installeren dan kun je deze ook handmatig hier vinden.