Ubiquiti heeft zojuist de nieuwe versie 1.10.0 uitgebracht voor de Dream Machine Base en Pro.
Versie 1.10.0 bevat een hoop verbeteringen en word in fases automatisch uitgerold naar alle Dream Machines.

De firmware bevat ook de volgende updates:

  • UniFi Network 6.2.26
  • UniFi Protect 1.18.1


  • Patched openssl for vulnerabilities: CVE-2019-1547, CVE-2019-1551, CVE-2019-1563, CVE-2020-1968, CVE-2020-1971, CVE-2021-23840, CVE-2021-23841.
  • Integrate wireless fixes/improvements from UAP 5.60.1 release.
  • Upgrade kernel to 4.19.
  • Add breadcrumbs navigation bar in Portal.
  • Add automatic DNS Forwarding for OpenVPN tunnels.
  • Add backup management in account.ui.com.
  • Add ability to download backup files (Network application only).
  • Add option to restore from previously downloaded backup file from local portal Settings.
  • Add flashing-blue LED indication when no WAN connection on UDM-Base.
  • Improve precision of topology discovery by searching neighbors via LLDP.
  • Improve performance when doing traffic shaping.
  • Improve DPI accuracy by reducing amount of “unknown traffic”.
  • Use only strong list of ciphers for L2TP.
  • Update design for Portal header section.
  • Up-to-date timezone data in setup and settings.
  • Cloud backup restore improvements.
  • Improve remote access stability.
  • Upgrade inadyn to v2.8.1.
  • Upgrade dnsmasq to v2.85.
  • Remove spurious bluetooth error message from spamming logs.


  • Fix issue where applications are not able to update.
  • Fix an issue that UDM/UDM-Pro with PPPoE WAN could lose remote access to cloud after reboot.
  • Fix UDM-Base WiFi not working after a WiFi Schedule when GTK rekey was enabled.
  • Fix some minor issues during console setup.
  • Fix potential memory leak issues in UniFi OS.
  • Fix a corner issue during PPPoE connection establishment.
  • Fix an occasional WAN flapping issue.
  • Fix an issue that site-to-site OpenVPN connection sometimes cannot be established.
  • Fix an issue that some services accidently work on honeypot interface.
  • Fix issue where a reboot got triggered accidentally after performing a shutdown.
  • Fix an issue that received LLDP packets were wrongly added in drop counter.
  • Fix false positive fan error detection shown on LCM.
  • Fix some warnings in kernel.
  • Fix periodic high CPU load spikes when DPI is enabled.
  • Fix bug when U-LTE sometimes was not selected as active WAN interface.
  • Fix content filtering not working on dual-IP stack networks.
  • Fix issue when WAN IP is not obtained after reboot.
  • Fix bug when reconfiguring switch port would cause up to 5sec of downtime.
  • Fix LLDP daemon crashes in some edge cases.
  • Fix bug when Suspend feature and IP-accounting feature could not be enabled simultaneously.
  • Fix setup survey appearing after closing it.
  • Fix stacking order for the drop-down menu in Settings when switching release channels.
  • Use “Official” release channel name for applications.
  • Change the “My Account” button direction in the Account menu to account.ui.com.

De update word dus vanzelf geinstalleerd ergens in de komende weken. Je kunt handmatig ook checken via de web interface van de Dream Machine onder System Settings > Updates. Het kan dus nog even duren voordat je deze erbij ziet staan.