Vanaf vandaag hebben wij bij alle klanten en apparaten de nieuwe 6.3.11 update geinstalleerd voor UniFi Switches. De nieuwe update brengt een hoop verbeteringen mee waaronder bug fixes voor verbindingen die soms laat herstellen.

De update wordt automatisch doorgevoerd voor alle UniFi abonnement klanten.


  • [USW] Improve Network adoption and connection stability.
  • [USW] Improve LCM firmware upgrade process.
  • [USW] Improve uplink port detection.
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Improve compatibility with VoIP Phones.
  • [USW-Enterprise-24-PoE] Prevent invalid temperature readings.
  • [USW-Aggregation] Improve the SFP compatibility.
  • [USW-PoE] Add port link and STP state changes in Syslog.


  • [USW] Fix UF-Instant incorrect “TX Fault” event.
  • [USW] Fix link issue between USW-Pro-Aggregation and UF-AE.
  • [USW-Flex-XG] Fix not forwarding traffic when booting with a 2.5Gbps link.
  • [USW-PoE] Fix “PoE Power Consumption / Budget” missing occasionally.
  • [USW-PoE] Fix Block the DHCP reply packets when DHCP snooping is enabled.
  • [USW-PoE] Fix repeatedly disconnect from Network by high CPU usage of threads.
  • [USW-Lite-8-PoE] Fix PoE is shown as “off” while it’s providing power. (requires a physical power cycle if you experience this issue)
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Fix incorrect high memory warning log.
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Fix unable to get IP if DHCP snooping is disabled in rare cases.
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Fix power-cycles connected PoE devices on reboot.
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Fix L3 inter-VLAN gateway has been overwritten by the DHCP client on the management interface.
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Fix Voice VLAN setting disappear after system reboot.
  • [USW-Enterprise-8-PoE] Fix wrong link status if unplugging 2.5G clients.
  • [USW-Pro] Fix offer conflict IP address to DHCP clients.
  • [US-8] Fix abnormal CPU increasing issue.