Ubiquiti heeft zojuist een gloednieuwe versie 2.7.33 update uitgebracht voor UniFi Protect (Camera systeem) gebruikers.

De nieuwe versie bevat een hoop verbeteringen waaronder snellere gegevensoverdracht, betere opslag en ondersteuning voor de G5 camera’s.

De volledige changelog:


  • Improved storage usage.
  • Improved application stability and performance.
  • Renamed Motion Sensitivity to Motion Intensity.
  • Updated system log time format.
  • Updated the description of “Connecting is taking longer than expected”.
  • Updated the camera firmware version to 4.63.21.

Low Latency Video

  • Enabled Low Latency Video by default on new setups.
  • Improved Low Latency Video streaming.
  • Reduced memory usage for Low Latency Video streaming.


  • Added the Smoke/Co icon on Protect timeline after it is detected.
  • [G5-Pro] Improved image, audio quality, and performance.
  • [G5-Dome/G5-Flex/AI-Bullet] Adjusted the default orientation to align with the UniFi logo to prevent screen skew.
  • [AI-DSLR] Improved audio quality.
  • [AI-Series] Improved image quality (HDR artifacts in clouds).
  • [AI-360/AI-DSLR] Improved mic volume when doing 2-way audio.
  • [G4-Doorbell-Pro] Improved firmware upgrade progress.
  • [G5-Pro] Improved AF stability.


  • Fixed camera utilization over limit notifications appearing more than one time per day.
  • Fixed incorrect snapshot preview for the secondary camera of a G4 Doorbell Pro.
  • Fixed system log spam when exceeding the camera limit of a console.
  • Fixed only display detections from cameras that the user has permission for.
  • Fixed incorrect storage information when using only detection mode.
  • Fixed incorrect utilization information.
  • Fixed unable to use optical zoom in the device property panel of a G4-PTZ.
  • Fixed button screen inconsistencies in UP Sense settings.
  • Fixed partly missing text for the UP-Sense mounting instructions.
  • Fixed an issue where playback might be stuck.

Live View

  • Fixed an issue where users might be unable to view the live feed on Viewport.
  • Fixed the error that when users enable HDR mode on G4 Doorbell Pro, The Live view will get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where the live view does not work after restoring a backup file.


  • Fixed an issue where devices might get stuck in the “Updating” state.
  • Fixed an issue where wireless devices might get stuck in the “Adopting” state.
  • Fixed the issue where it would display camera disconnected messages when it has a poor WiFi signal
  • Fixed missing default FloodLight name when adopting the device.
  • Fixed an issue where devices might get stuck in the “Preparing update” state.


  • Fixed the wrong camera focus position while clicking focus.
  • Fixed the camera will be out of focus abnormally.


  • Fixed missing audio streams in low-quality recordings.
  • Fixed double sounds for doorbell ring notifications on iOS.


  • Fixed an issue where you might see incorrect thumbnails for detections.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect Smart Detection counters.
  • Removed duplicated detection types in the system log display options.
  • Fixed an issue where you might see incorrect times/dates on the detections page.

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed application crashes when removing BLE devices.
  • Fixed application crashes when removing wireless devices that are adopting.
  • Fixed system log ring page crash.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to crash in rare cases.


  • Fixed incorrect thumbnail detection type and name in some rare cases.
  • Fixed false motion detection events due to the day/night switch.
  • [G5-Dome/G5-Flex/G5-Bullet] Fixed the device reboot accidentally due to HDR toggling.
  • [AI-Theta] Fixed incorrect thumbnail orientation when using the fisheye lens.
  • [G5-Pro/Bullet/Dome/Flex] Fixed streaming issues due to faulty adaptive bitrate control.

Known issues

  • Sharing live streams does not work when using a browser on an iOS mobile device.

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