After testing, testing and even more testing (yes, it was a long time) with our Sony Bravia 2015 (X85C) TV model, in combination with Plex and other media streaming services we think we have figured out the best picture settings for specific tv modes.

These TV models run AndroidTV and have the ability to use Surface rendering for Android, a technology that makes the video run as smooth as possible. However, you will still see small amounts of frame issues sometimes, or stuttering when playing a full HD video from a platform like Plex.

Down below the ‘best’ picture settings for these TV’s (or at least in our opinion):

Plex and other Media apps:
Open the app (Plex) and on your remote press the Action Menu which opens a pop up menu on screen. Now go to Picture and you will find the following:

Set Picture Mode to Standard and:

– Brightness 40
– Contrast Max (or 95)
– Gamma 0
– Black Level 50
– Black Adjust Medium
– Adv Contrast enhanced Off
– Colour 55
– Hue 0
– Colour Temp Neutral
– Colour Space Auto
– Live Colour Medium
– Sharpness 50
– Reality Creation Manual
— resolution: 30
– Random Noise reduction Off
– Digital Noise reduction Off
– Motionflow: Standard or True Cinema
– Film Mode High

Bravia X85C Picture Settings
For Gaming (PS4/Xbox One):
Same as above, start your game console (which should switch ports on your TV or receiver and put the TV in game mode) and then again change the settings as below:

Set picture mode to Game and:

– Brightness 40
– Contrast 82
– Gamma 2
– Black Level 50
– Black Adjust Off
– Adv Contrast enhanced Off
– Colour 60
– Hue 0
– Colour Temp Neutral
– Colour Space Off
– Live Colour Off
– Sharpness 50
– Reality Creation Off
– Random Noise reduction Off
– Digital Noise reduction Off
– Motionflow Off
– Film Mode Off

As with everything in life, these settings are best in our opinion but this may be a different story for others so try to adjust each setting a bit and see what you find is best for your TV model. Just make sure that for gaming you always have as many of the ‘extra’ options disabled as the cleaner the input, the better it will perform.

Got another idea or a setting you feel that should be changed? Feel free to comment.

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