Ubiquiti heeft een nieuwe firmware (stable) uitgebracht voor de UXG (Next Gen) gateway routers. Deze update brengt oa IPV6 prefix ID en een hoop optimalisaties met zich mee. De volledige lijst van updates vind je hieronder (Engels):


  • Improved initial setup flow.
  • Improved internet check resiliency.
  • Improved PPPoE connection stability when IP6CP negotiation fails.
  • Stabilized IPv6 Prefix ID across VLANs.
  • Updated the UI logo.
  • Disconnect all SSH sessions after setup.


  • Fixed rare Traffic Rules scheduling issues when selecting Saturday and Sunday.
  • Fixed gateway might appear as Offline in the Network application when it fails to fetch Geo-Location data.
  • Fixed manual outlet power cycle on the UXG-Pro.
  • Fixed some threats that were not being blocked correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Traffic Identification would stop working after some time.
  • Fixed DHCP unicast renew not using the CoS parameter.
  • Fixed time scheduled rules are not updated after DST changes.
  • Fixed WAN monitoring incorrectly reports outages in rare cases.
  • Fixed a rare ulogd crash.
  • Fixed IPsec may use the old config after being reconfigured.
  • Fixed a rare gateway configuration issue when L2TP tunnels are connecting or disconnecting.


  • Fixed Site-to-Site VPNs might report as offline while they are online.
  • Fixed an issue where the interface for Teleport VPN stays when disabling the feature.
  • Fixed DNS leak when using Mullvad VPN.
  • Fixed network connectivity loss when remote OpenVPN Client subnet conflicts with local subnets.