Vandaag hebben wij onze cloud servers met UniFi Network een update gegeven naar de laatste nieuwe versie 8.0.24. Deze versie bevat een hoop verbeteringen voor oa admin change logs en gateway config fouten die nu zijn opgelost.

Versie 8.0.24 zal ook binnenkort voor de consoles beschikbaar worden gemaakt.

Hieronder de engelse changelog:


  • Added Admin Settings change System Logs.
  • Increased default network limit to 255. Some devices have lower limits such as USG, or InWall AP models.
  • Splitted the Clients list into Online/Offline tabs.
  • Added payment name to the Guest Portal landing page.
  • Added 24HR TX Retries to Sites Overview.
  • Added device model column to Radio Manager.
  • Added pagination to Radio Manager.
  • Added support for Korean and Spanish language.
  • Added WAN/LAN IP addresses to the Dashboard for Network Application Servers.
  • Added validation when a new network is trying to use a subnet that is already used by an OpenVPN Client.
  • Added support for PPPoE WAN without credentials. This requires UniFi OS 3.2 or newer.
  • Allow removing networks with references. You will receive a warning message before deletion.
  • Improved Guest Portal loading latency.
  • Increased the index space for Firewall rules.
  • Updated the list of Dynamic DNS providers.


  • Fixed an issue with configuring radios of UAP-XG’s and UAP-BaseStationXG’s via Radio Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where IPv6 Prefix Delegation or IPv6 Single Network was broken on non-Default networks. This only affects the UXG line of devices.
  • Fixed inability to edit Port/Device settings when an incorrect channel was applied on an AP.
  • Fixed inability to open Internet Settings in rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the All Traffic row in Traffic Monitor didn’t include unidentified traffic.
  • Fixed an issue where some port profiles failed to get applied on InWall APs.
  • Fixed a rare case where Traffic Rules would stop working while Ad Blocking was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Network Application wasn’t getting stopped on Windows during upgrades or removal.
  • Fixed incorrectly reported built-in antenna gain.
  • Fixed the inability to connect to Guest Portals in rare cases.
  • Fixed the inability to open Security settings in rare cases.
  • Fixed rare gateway configuration error due to invalid default RADIUS profile ports.
  • Fixed rare gateway configuration error on UDM/UDR/UDW.
  • Fixed rare gateway configuration errors.
  • Fixed an issue where Suspicious Activity was allowed to be applied on non-local networks.
  • Fixed an issue where client uptime could be invalid, the fix applies to new connections.
  • Fixed an issue where Device type filters were resetting selected columns.
  • Fixed an issue where Client Isolation couldn’t be disabled when using a Guest Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where port anomalies were not showing details on Port diagrams.
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